The Spotted Chameleon Army Surplus Madoc Area

Phone : (613) 473-2962
Your Host(s) : Sue Reid

Madoc, ON (Nearby: Thomasburg, Tweed, Eldorado, Springbrook, Roslin)

  • Just south of Madoc, Ontario
  • A shopping experience like no other
  • Sleeping bags
  • Army surplus
  • shemagh
  • Something for Every Taste!

12471 Hwy 62, Box 721
Madoc, Ontario
K0K 2K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible

[ We Accept Cash ]

Tour Group Person Limit: 45

Driving Directions:
  • Just south of Madoc or 20 minutes north of Belleville on Hwy 62. Located between Springbrook Rd. and Quin-mo-lac Rd. on Hwy 62 across from the White Lake Cemetary.

Business Hours:
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday 9am - 5am, Sunday 11am - 4 pm.

Description From Owner:
  • Army Surplus ( sourced from numerous countries)- Practical clothing: pants (for all ages and sizes), jackets, rain gear, long johns, mitts, toques, knapsacks and dufflebag (canvas and waterproof), foldup shovels, munition boxes, magnesium fire starters,
  • hats... military boots, police boots, safety and non-safety, Gortex Boots
  • Quality Sterling silver rings...
  • Knitware: gloves, touques, mitts (flipbacks).
  • Wool blankets
  • Various Digital and Traditional Camo
  • Military flashlights, Unique survival accessories, practical tools, pocket chainsaws, supplies for the outdoorsman, extreme cold weather gear, flints, pocket warmers, canteens, mess kits, gold pans
  • Canadian MRE's manufactured 2018
  • Quality Sterling silver rings
  • Drive by for our tremendous May Lupin show!

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The Spotted Chameleon Army Surplus Madoc Area, Phone : (613) 473-2962

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tink316 on 09-Mar-20
Amazing Place to Shop for Great Extreme Weather Clothing. Great prices for exceptional army surplus gear. Tax is always included! Helpful staff ready to help and give you advice and assist it finding the correct fit. Wonderful experience highly recommend.

Mitchell Naujokaitis on 07-Mar-19
We found the Spotted Chameleon while driving through Madoc. Its a nice clean shop that has very competitive prices on army surplus supplies. The shop owner has an amazing sense of humor and made us feel very welcome. 5/5 would recommend to anyone.

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