Coe Hill (Central Ontario, K0L 1P0)
1. Bear Ridge Campground and Cottages Your Host(s): Jason and Traci Morrison, Phone: (613) 337-5533 - Leave a Public Review
2. Coe Hill Your Host(s): Canada Post Coe Hill, Phone: (613) 337-5787 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 56. In Wollarton T., Hastings C. on C. Rd. 620, 31 km S of Bancroft. The place was first called Salem and then Welch Corners after Mose Welch opened a store here in 1882.
3. Coe Hill and Area Business Association Your Host(s): c/o Red Eagle Campground, Phone: (613) 337-5587 - Leave a Public Review
A collection of businesses in and around Coe Hill. Coe Hill and Area offers outdoor activities year round, trails and many lakes, restaurants, camping and many unique shops.
4. Cosbys Small Engines Your Host(s): Rob and Brenda Cosby, Phone: (613) 337-5269 - Leave a Public Review
5. Earle Excavating and Landscape Centre Your Host(s): Richard and Kelly Earle, Phone: (613) 337-5184 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Rockwalls & Steps
6. Ellenberger Organic Farm Your Host(s): Henry and Janet Ellenberger, Phone: (613) 337-8824 - Leave a Public Review
Ellenbergers are the only providers of certified organic seed potatoes in all of Ontario and also offer beef, pork, strawberries, corn and other seasonal produce.
7. Red Eagle Family Campground Your Host(s): Chris and Karen Challinor, Phone: (613) 337-5587 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
The Red Eagle Family Campground provides a natural environment to promote a relaxed family atmosphere. We have a clean sandy beach where little tots can splash in safety and a diving raft, water trampoline & water slide for the more adventurous swimmers.
8. That Place Restaurant Your Host(s): Rebecca and Justin, Phone: (613) 334-6709 - Leave a Public Review
9. The Barn Chefs Your Host(s): Luca Molteni and Sarah Woods, Phone: (613) 337-9299 - Leave a Public Review
Italian Cold Cuts, Preserves & Design Cakes
10. The Gathering Place Your Host(s): Al and Annette Vandendriessche, Phone: (613) 337-5177 - Leave a Public Review
The Gathering Place is a unique Four Season Bed and Breakfast experience. The house is cord stack wall, built in 1995.
11. The Hideaway Primitive Grill Your Host(s): Steve , Susan and Kellie, Phone: (613) 337-8662 - Leave a Public Review
A place to chill, laugh, relax, enjoy good food or a remote place used by outlaws
12. The Mystery Market Art Lab and Gift Zone Phone: (519) 722-6284 - Leave a Public Review
The Mystery Market is a retail drop in and pop up space creating community for artists musicians and idea flowing. Visit the art lab and Gift zone soon.
13. The Old Hastings Mercantile & Gallery Your Host(s): Lillian Oakley-Pattison & Gary Pattison, Phone: (613) 337-5050 - Leave a Public Review
Lillian & Gary welcome you to THE OLD HASTINGS MERCANTILE & GALLERY in historic 'downtown' Ormsby, Ontario POPULATION 20
14. Tin House Woodworking Phone: (613) 334-9466 - Leave a Public Review
Unique locally made items
15. TopGuns In Foodplots Your Host(s): Tom Spatafore, Phone: (613) 337-5058 - Leave a Public Review
Topguns in Foodplots is a program created by outdoor enthusiast Tom Spatafore. He has learned from the best - the animals themselves.
16. Township of Wollaston (Lower Tier Hastings) Phone: (613) 337-5731 FAX: (613) 337-5789 - Leave a Public Review
17. Wild Life Art by Tom Spatafore Your Host(s): Tom and Carol Spatafore, Phone: (613) 337-5058 Public Reviews (2) - Leave a Public Review
  18. Coe Hill Agricultural Fair Phone: (613) 473-5596 FAX: (613) 473-1435 - Leave a Public Review
  19. Glen Alda Your Host(s): Coe Hill Post Office, Phone: (613) 337-5787 - Leave a Public Review
In Chandos T, Peterborough C. on the Crowe R. and C. Rds. 504 & 620, 29 km S of Bancroft.
  20. Little Bean Organics Your Host(s): Jim & Tia Alexander, Phone: (613) 202-1585 - Leave a Public Review
She will be offering non-genetically modified organic (non-GMO) dry goods, flour, gluten free products and herbal teas. In the summer, she hopes to be offering local organic produce as well.
  21. Ormsby Your Host(s): Canada Post Coe Hill, Phone: (613) 337-5787 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 42. In Limerick T., Hastings C. on C. Rd. 620, 3 km SW of Hwy 62, 22 km SE of Bancroft.
  22. Rob Wilkins Building Contractor Phone: (613) 337-5737 - Leave a Public Review
  23. The Artisan Cafe Your Host(s): Laurie Harris and Shawna Lockhart, Phone: (613) 332-7123 - Leave a Public Review
They will be offering pizza, subs, wraps, homemade soups and breads. They will be serving breakfast and lunch and will offer special takeout orders for large groups with 24 hours notice.
24. L'Amable (L'Amable, 17km) Your Host(s): All Care Health Service, Phone: (613) 332-5584 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 315. In Dungannon T., Hastings C., on the east side of L' Amable L. and Hwy 62, 10 km. SE of Bancroft.
25. Big Al's Chuckwagon (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Allan Wickett, Phone: (705) 828-4580 - Leave a Public Review
26. Gilmour (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Limerick Community Centre, Phone: (613) 337-5333 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 121. In Hastings C., 3 km. NE of Hwy 62, 35 km. SE of Bancroft.
27. Kijik Canoe Company (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Michael & Margaret Dearborn, Phone: (613) 474-1347 - Leave a Public Review
All of our models are deep, stable craft and are equally at home on large lakes or meandering rivers.
  28. Newman Automotive (Gilmour, 18km) Phone: (613) 474-0953 - Leave a Public Review
  29. Rita's Retreat Cottage Gallery & Artist Studio (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Rita Cimprich, Phone: (613) 474-0425 - Leave a Public Review
30. The Gate Restaurant (Under New Management 2017) (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Tracy Archibald, Phone: (613) 474-4283 Public Reviews (5) - Leave a Public Review
Soup and Sandwich
31. Township of Limerick (Lower Tier Hastings) (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (613) 474-2863 FAX: (613) 474-0478 - Leave a Public Review
32. Township of Tudor and Cashel (Lower Tier Hastings) (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (613) 474-2583 FAX: (613) 474-0664 - Leave a Public Review
33. Woodhaven Campground and Family Camping (Gilmour, 18km) Your Host(s): Helen & Jason Turpin & Rebecca Hall, Phone: (613) 848-2507 FAX: (613) 920-9106 - Leave a Public Review