Haliburton (Central Ontario, K0M 1S0)
1. Haliburton Your Host(s): Canada Post Haliburton, Phone: (705) 457-1451 Leave a Public Review
op. 1,434. In Dysart T., Haliburton C., at the head ofL. Kashagawigamog and mouth of Drag Cr., and at Hwys 118 & 121, 85 km E of Bracebridge.
2. United Townships of Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton,Havelock, Eyre and Clyde (Lower Tier Haliburton) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (705) 457-1740 FAX: (705) 457-1964 Leave a Public Review
  3. Kennisis Lake Your Host(s): Windermere Cottage Resort, Phone: (705) 754-2091 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 20. In Havelock T, Haliburton C. on the E shore of Kennisis L. and C. Rd. 7, 25 km NW of Haliburton.
  4. Eagle Lake (Eagle Lake, 9km) Your Host(s): Sir Sam's Inn, Phone: (705) 754-2188 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 246. In Guilford T., Haliburton C., on the south shore of Eagle L. at the junction of C. Rds. 6 and 14, 86 km. W of Bancroft, 71 km. E of Bracebridge.
  5. West Guilford (West Guilford, 10km) Your Host(s): Log Cabin Bakery & Restaurant, Phone: (705) 754-4055 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 238. In Guilford T., Haliburton C. on the NE shore of Maple L., Hwy 118 and C. Rds. 6 & 7,13 km NW of Haliburton, 86 km SE of Huntsville.
  6. Irondale (Irondale, 20km) Your Host(s): Irondale General Store, Phone: (705) 447-2624 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 75. In Snowdon T, Haliburton Dist. on the Irondale It just E of C. Rd. 503, 63 km SW of Bancroft.
  7. Carnarvon (Carnarvon, 15km) Your Host(s): Foster's General Store, Phone: (705) 489-1781 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 126. In Haliburton C. at the N end of Twelve Mile L and on Hwys. 35 & 118, 16 km. W of Haliburton.
  8. Halls Lake (Carnarvon, 15km) Your Host(s): Carnarvon Castle, Phone: (705) 489-2212 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 60. In Cardiff T, Haliburton C. on Halls L. and C. Rd. 13, 1 km E of Hwy. 35, 36 km NW of Haliburton.
  9. Catchacoma (Gooderham, 19km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Gooderham, Phone: (705) 447-2410 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 17. In Cavendish T., Peterborough C., on Catchacoma L. and C. Rd. 507,58 km N of Peterborough.
10. Gooderham (Gooderham, 19km) Your Host(s): Glamorgan Branch Public Library, Phone: (705) 447-3163 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 503. In Glamorgan T., Haliburton C., at the junction of C. Rds. 503 and 507 on Irondale R., 52 km. SW of Bancroft, 77 km. N of Peterborough.
  11. Horseshoe Lake (Haliburton) (Gooderham, 19km) Your Host(s): Municipality of Highlands East, Phone: (705) 447-0051 Leave a Public Review
In Minden T, Haliburton C. The place was first called Elsie and when the post office opened the name changed to Horseshoe Bridge Post Office.
  12. Tory Hill (Tory Hill, 20km) Your Host(s): Bwana John's Imports Inc., Phone: (705) 448-1139 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 87. In Haliburton C.on Hwy 121 andC. Rd. 503, 40 km SW of Bancroft. Crown Lands agent John Anderson settled near the community and in 1883 had a post office established and himself appointed postmaster.