Matheson (Northern Ontario, P0K 1N0)
1. Township of Black River Matheson (Single Tier Cochrane) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (705) 273-2313 FAX: (705) 273-2140 Leave a Public Review
  2. Matheson Your Host(s): Matheson, Phone: (705) 273-1760 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 984. In Matheson T., Cochrane Dist., on the Black R. and Hwys 11 & 101, 60 km. NW of Kirkland Lake.
  3. Matheson Fair (Matheson & District Agricultural Society) Phone: (705) 273-2882 FAX: (705) 273-2518 Leave a Public Review
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
  4. Ramore (Ramore, 15km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Ramore, Phone: (705) 236-4342 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 46. In Cochrane Dist. on the Abitibi R. and Hwys 11& 572, 36 km NW of Kirkland Lake.
  5. Val Gagne (Val Gagne, 16km) Your Host(s): Galaxy Motor Hotel, Phone: (705) 232-4038 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 277. In Taylor T., Nipissing Dist., .5 km. E of Hwy 11, 18 km SE of Iroquois Falls. The post office was established as Nushka Station in 1911.
  6. Holtyre (Holtyre, 16km) Your Host(s): G & C's Variety, Phone: (705) 236-4342 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 15. In Hislop T., Cochrane Dist. on Hwy 572,82 km SE of Cochrane. The community evolved in 1934 from the operation ofthe Hollinger and McIntyre gold mines and the name is an amalgam of Hollinger and McIntyre.
  7. Monteith (Monteith, 20km) Your Host(s): Terra Firma Centre, Phone: (705) 232-4400 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 247. Part of the Town of Iroquois Falls, Cochrane Dist., on a tributary of the Black R. and Hwy 577, 1 km NE ofHwy II, 14 km S of Iroquois Falls.
  8. Shillington (Monteith, 20km) Your Host(s): Monteith Post Office, Phone: (705) 232-4215 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 27. In Shillington T., Cochrane Dist. on Hwy. 101 and C. Rd. 577,22 km S of Iroquois Falls. The T. from which the place took its name was named for Robert T. Shillington, MPP for Timiskaming.
  9. Town of Iroquois Falls (Single Tier Cochrane) (Iroquois Falls, 30km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Iroquois Falls, Phone: (705) 232-6233 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 5,427. In Calvert T., Cochrane Dist., on the Abitibi R. and Hwy 67, 50 km. SE of Cochrane.
  10. Porquis Fair (Porquis Agricultural Society) (Porquis Junction, 30km) Phone: (705) 232-6959 Leave a Public Review
  11. Porquis Junction (Porquis Junction, 30km) Your Host(s): Stanley Stop Restaurant, Phone: (705) 232-5565 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 176. In the Reg. Town of Iroquois Falls on Hwys. 11 & 67, 11 km. E of Iroquois Falls town centre.