Westwood (Central Ontario, K0L 3B0)
  1. Neilson Lumber Your Host(s): Andy and Kim, Phone: (705) 696-2072 - Leave a Public Review
Neilson Lumber Limited Specializing in Lagging and Shoring Timbers
  2. Danielle Christie, R.M.T. (Indian River, 6km) , Phone: (705) 927-2436 - Leave a Public Review
  3. Dave's Under the Hood (Indian River, 6km) , Phone: (705) 875-8808 - Leave a Public Review
Automotive repair shop serving the Norwood area, repair to all makes and models gas or diesel, trucks, trailers, dump trucks, tractors, tires, undercoating
4. Direct Visual Care (Indian River, 6km) Your Host(s): Vanessa Brown, Phone: (705) 559-1202 - Leave a Public Review
Hi there local friends I am so happy to announce that I have now been able to start providing a trustworthy and cost effective way of ordering eyeglasses in and around the area.
  5. FitKitty Extensions *Hair*Lashes*Nails (Indian River, 6km) , Phone: (705) 768-6663 - Leave a Public Review
*Lash extensions* *Lash & Brow tint* *Lash lift* *Make up application* *gel nail* *hair extension* *brow lamination *
6. Indian River Family Resort (Indian River, 6km) Your Host(s): Gerry and Jackie Murison, Phone: (705) 957-2777 - Leave a Public Review
Escape to Indian River Family Resort. A place where your mind, body, and soul will relax and become one with nature.
  7. Indian River Reptile Zoo (Indian River, 6km) Your Host(s): Ted Loyst, Phone: (705) 639-1443 - Leave a Public Review
Over 200 reptiles See species from all over the world as well as those native to Canada; Meet the zoo keepers; LIVE educational demonstrations; Nature Walk and Pond; Hiking Trail
  8. Rocky Meadows Lavender Gift Shop (Indian River, 6km) , Phone: (905) 429-0528 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Our mission is to give you the best lavender experience possible. We are dedicated to providing the best quality in all of our products for your satisfaction.
  9. SPS Custom Fabrication (Indian River, 6km) Your Host(s): Scott Christie, Phone: (705) 768-6643 - Leave a Public Review
Manufacturer of utility and light commercial and industrial trailers located in Indian River, Ontario, Canada.
  10. A Single Stitch (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Lynn Marie Piticco, Phone: (705) 696-1038 - Leave a Public Review
I am here sewing every day. I have lots of projects on the go, and samples for classes are always in the works.
  11. A. Wickman Auto Sales (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-2130 - Leave a Public Review
  12. AAE Video Productions (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Chester Stocki and Andy Thompson, Phone: (905) 259-0534 - Leave a Public Review
In studio and Remote Recording Sound Reinforcement (P.A.) and Lighting Total Music Production / Arranging & Orchestration
  13. Andrew James Canadian Recording Singer / Songwriter / Musician (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Andrew James, Phone: (905) 259-0534 - Leave a Public Review
  14. Apex Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Tyler, Phone: (705) 868-2736 - Leave a Public Review
Offering low and affordable rates for residential and commercial clients. Free onsite or over the phone estimates.
  15. Assured Landscaping (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 243-2478 - Leave a Public Review
  16. B & C Trophies (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 653-0546 - Leave a Public Review
  17. Ball Real Estate ~ Dennis Savery (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-1777 - Leave a Public Review
  18. Bandit Designs (Hastings, 8km) - Leave a Public Review
19. Barbara N. Waldron - Architectural Drafting and Design (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Barbara Waldron, Phone: (705) 696-3431 - Leave a Public Review
Barbara N. Waldron Architectural Drafting and Design is a registered design company with the required BCIN qualification as required by Ontario Building Code
20. Batavia Homes (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Gregory P. DeFreitas, Phone: (905) 433-1040 FAX: (905) 666-9236 - Leave a Public Review
  21. Bernie Walsh Electric (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-2482 - Leave a Public Review
  22. Birdsall Beach Resort (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-2116 - Leave a Public Review
Located just 30 minutes east of Peterborough on beautiful Rice Lake in the Kawarthas. We are a large fully operating family resort and RV park, with the largest natural beach on the lake.
23. Books to Boilers (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): John L. Baker, Phone: (416) 423-9964 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Second Hand Goods
24. Brenbrooke Homes Lock 18 on the Trent Village of Hastings (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Derek Baird, Phone: (905) 720-2004 - Leave a Public Review
25. Brett Funeral Chapel (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Hugh McPhail, Phone: (705) 696-2222 - Leave a Public Review
26. Bridgewater Coffee & Pizza (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-2920 Public Reviews (3) - Leave a Public Review
Delivery Available !
  27. Brookside Farm (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Barbara Klatt and Brian Tyson, Phone: (705) 696-3307 Public Reviews (2) - Leave a Public Review
To grow healthy, fresh, delicious, varieties of vegetables for your family.
  28. C-Store (Hastings) (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-2422 - Leave a Public Review
  29. Chick-a-biddy Acres C.S.A. (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-3506 - Leave a Public Review
Chickabiddy Acres is a 72 acre farm in the beautiful Trent Hills in Ontario - that's near Peterborough.
30. Clean Water Systems (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Krystal Noffke, Phone: (705) 697-1000 - Leave a Public Review
Clean Water Systems is a fully licensed and insured well and water purification company through the M.E.C.P.
31. Custom Cat Condos (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Darla Belanger, Phone: (705) 696-3934 - Leave a Public Review
  32. Dav-Mar Marine & Auto (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 768-9635 - Leave a Public Review
  33. DePaul Music LTD (Birdsall Beach Resort) (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-2116 - Leave a Public Review
34. Dodd's Bowling Lanes (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-2272 - Leave a Public Review
35. Doug Irvine Auto Repair (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Kathy and Doug Irvine, Phone: (705) 696-1513 FAX: (705) 696-2244 - Leave a Public Review
  36. Dreamland Resort (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Eric Crowley, Phone: (705) 696-9888 - Leave a Public Review
  37. Elke Van Meer Registered Massage Therapist (Hastings, 8km) , Phone: (705) 696-9800 - Leave a Public Review
  38. Fergy's Pest Control (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Roger Ferguson, Phone: (705) 696-1496 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
  39. Fire Hall, Village of Hastings (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Tim Blake, Phone: (705) 696-2127 FAX: (705) 696-2583 - Leave a Public Review
First brigade was officially organized in 1907.
40. Foster Pools (Hastings, 8km) Your Host(s): Rebecca and Rob, Phone: (705) 696-3900 - Leave a Public Review
At Foster Pools we are dedicated to providing quality installations of inground and above ground swimming pools. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will create a vacation retreat in your own backyard.